Supplying materials for Nghi Son Thermoelectricity in Thanh Hoa

Nghi Son 2 BOT thermoelectric power plant was built in Nghi Son Economic Zone, Thanh Hoa province and is a BOT project using imported coal. Total investment capital of Factory is 2.79 billion USD.
Nghi Son 2 BOT thermoelectric power plant project was invested by Nghi Son 2 Power Co., Ltd. (NS2PC) – an enterprise established by the joint venture investor Marubeni (Japan) and KEPCO (Korea).
Earlier, on June 24, 2018, to initiate the project, NS2PC had advanced $ 170 million to Doosan to plan out the project.

Nghi Son 2 BOT thermoelectric power plant will have 2 boilers with supercritical technology, high-performance turbines and generators. The two units will be built contemporaneously but independently, bringing about greater flexibility and efficiency.

The construction of Nghi Son 2 BOT thermoelectric power plant is expected to be completed in July 2022.
NS2 is being built in Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam, about 200 km to the southeast of Hanoi and will provide the necessary push to promote the country’s economic growth and development. NS2 will have the potential to generate enough electricity to serve the needs of 6.8 million four-person households in Vietnam and will improve living standards and economic opportunities across the country.

Currently, MRO Vietnam is fulfilling the task of importing supplies for Nghi Son Thanh Hoa thermoelectric power plant.

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