Keyang is the prominent industrial equipment group in Korea, leading in the field of handheld devices. Keyang was established on April 27, 1977, with an investment capital of up to 18 million USD. Keyang staff include a team with high technical expertise, comprising approximately 500 Korean employees and 200 Chinese workers, and many technical staff from developed countries around the world.
Keyang products consist of items such as: Electric power tools, powerful 2/4 phases engine, DC motor, machine-tools, etc.
To achieve the success today, Keyang has gone through numerous important milestones, marking great steps in the history of formation as well as development of the corporation:

1977 Established Keyang Electric Co., Ltd.
1982 Achieved the first Korean standards (K.S) in the Power tool industry.
1988 Listed in the Korean Stock exchange market
1989 Achieved the standards of the Electrical tools Laboratory (3 models) from the U.S.
1989 Achieved the quality standards from the Korean government
1990 Won the highest award in the exhibition on Quality Control (Q.C.C) in the electrical industry
1992 Achieved CSA standards
1992 Won a quality management award
1993 Won a gold award in prioritized industry
1993 Achieved ISO 9001, UL (USA), BSI (United Kingdom)
1996 Achieved QS 9000
1996 Achieved CCEE / CCIB
1996 Won a management award for increasing economic value
1998 Achieved VDE / CE
1998 Won the excellence award in Korean industrial design
1999 Won the gold award in the world’s best award
2000 Exported to Germany
2001 Nominated in the category “”Outstanding Business in Management for Shareholders””
2001 Achieved the award for industry standards
2001 Achieved ISO 14001- Cheonan Factory
2002 Nominated for Company with excellent management in after-sales service
2002 Won the award on customer service
2002 Won the award on product safety management
2003 Achieved ISO 14001- Ansan Factory
2004 Achieved ISO / TS16949 (Quality management system)
2006 Won the award on environmentally friendly management
2007 Won the award on Frontier technology
2008 Started producing welding machines and pneumatic tools

With over 30 years of experience, Keyang has achieved high awards in the industrial tools business, becoming one of Korea’s biggest brands with a distribution system of over 450 distributors across the country, and currently has expanded to many potential markets in the world, including Vietnam.
MRO Vietnam is proud to be the exclusive distributor in Vietnam from 2012 up to now. With the system of more than 100 agents throughout Vietnam as well as retailing, e-commerce and online channels, etc. we have lived up to the name of Keyang in the domestic market that is growing day by day.

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